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Richard R. Reichel is professional screenwriter, producer, and director of film and televsision. Richard has worked with William Shatner  and other major TV and film personalities. He has been recognized by the White House for some of his productions.

Jordan is Executive Manager of Midwest operations. With over 25 years of management experience, Mr. Thomas provides expertise and production management know how to expedite and smooth overall project timelines.

Rouchel has strengths in communication skills and is in charge of project expansion in the US as well as other countries. She also provides support as an associate producer with an extreme attention to detail.

James has an extensive background in project development and creation.. With more than 15 years of experience, he specializes in being able to execute complex programs to meet organizational needs.

Cathy is responsible for overseeing management at our local office as well as providing insight on financial matters and obligations. Her skillset is vast in the business sector and holds degrees in business management.

K.P. Tong, a noted executive with over 30 years in business management. He has direct links with key personnel and in charge of Hong Kong operations.

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